1. Legal Sarcasm being one of the ventures of Society for Progress in Research, Education and Development Law (SPRED LAW) takes an approach in explaining the problem and inviting as well as suggesting solutions.
  2. Legal Sarcasm provides its members with opportunities in the field of legal research, journalism and other legal connotations. We’re seeking skilled, committed and responsible candidates as well as looking forward to expand our TEAM, and thereby invites you for the same.

Who Can Apply

  • Students in 2ndYear and above can apply only.
  • CV along with a cover letter of the students interested for an internship can be mailed at –
  • Candidates interested in working with Legal Sarcasm as member can mail their cv at-

Campus Ambassador Programme

Following are the responsibilities of the person enrolled as campus Ambassador:
1- To communicate every details of the society i.e. the events, joining, content writing entries, editing entries, to the students in their college. 
2- To provide the society with the students who are interested in content writing, news articles, editing. 
3- To promote the events of the society in their respective colleges and universities.
1- Students who will complete the work assigned to them on time with quality will be provided certificates. 
2- Campus ambassadors will be provided with a certificate on the basis of three months. 
3- On providing the society with 10+ students=Free delegation or free registration in any event.
4- On providing the society with    5+ students= 50% discount on delegation or on registration on any event.