By – Priya Raghuvanshi

Two days after the announcement of ‘US- INDIA CLIMATE AND CLEAN ENERGY AGENDA 2030 PARTNERSHIP’, Biden remarked that climate-energy goals are going to be the core pillar of bilateral cooperation between the US and India. The US has rejoined the Paris agreement under the leadership of the Biden agreement, earlier Donald Trump took the US out of this agreement citing problems for energy plants and miners in the US. During the virtual summit that was organized on the occasion of Earth day, Biden remarked that he is looking forward to work with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the energy goals of 2030. A deployment of 450 gigawatts of renewable energy power for climate action and clean energy would be one of the initiatives that the US- India climate partnership includes. The partnership will focus on two main aspects i.e. STRATEGIC CLEAN ENERGY PARTNERSHIP and CLIMATE ACTION AND FINANCE MOBILISATION DIALOGUE. Strategic Clean Partnership would be co-chaired by Secretary of Energy Granholm and Climate Action and Finance Mobilisation Dialogue would be co-chaired by John Kerry, a Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. (PTI, 2021)

A virtual summit, Biden talked about how the world has the opportunity to create millions of jobs and innovate in different sectors as an action plan for climate change. They mentioned how this opportunity if used rightly can help in a better quality of life for people and greater dignity for those who contribute in performing these jobs for the nation. Biden added, “For a line-worker, electricians, utility workers — laying transmission lines, connecting battery storage, and making our electric grid more modern. For automotive workers — building electric cars, trucks, and buses. Having Skilled workers, installing and charging stations to accommodate them throughout our country”. The US would join Sweden and India in their efforts to decarbonize the industrial sector. Biden said that the US would again be taking up the leadership role for climate change. Biden welcomed Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin’s agenda for Carbon dioxide removal. He also said that the US would be looking forward to working with Russia for the same.(PTI, 2021)

A call for action was announced by him not only for the present generation but for the future generation as well so as to build a better environment and thriving economies for coming generations. Indian PM Narendra Modi mentioned various actions that have been taken by India to tackle climate problems. He talked about how despite being a developing country, India has taken several actions like clean energy and energy efficiency. He added that despite India’s per capita carbon footprint being 60% lower than the global average, it has taken steps to curb it down further. China, Japan, Russia, India, and the US are the world’s biggest emitters of carbon.

 “As a climate responsible country, India welcomes partners to create templates of sustainable development in India. These can also help other developing countries, who need affordable access to green finance and clean technologies”, Modi said. The virtual summit was attended by 40 global leaders including UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres, China’s President Xi Jinping, Germany’s chancellor Angela Markel and British PM Boris Johnson. (Biden hosts global climate change summit; sets new target for the US to halve emissions by 2030, 2021)

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