Gold Code Standard revisited the danger of sole presidential authority2 min read

By-  Nidhi Gausai

On 8 of January, the U.S House of speaker Nancy Pelosi take an extraordinary decision to publicly revealing the precaution for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch gold code and ordering for Nucleos Strike and she discussed with the chairman of the joint chief of staff and Gen. Meerk A. Milley about his step.

The gold code are the launched code for nuclear weapons which is provided to the president of the United States and in their role as commander in chief of the united states armed force. The gold codes allow the president to an authorized nuclear attack.

The house of Representatives voted for a formal call on vice-president Mike Pence to use the 25th amendment to strip president Trump for his power after the attack on capitol. The Vice-president’s refusal for the impeachment proceeding goes forward in the house on Jan 30. A vote of 232- 197 for the impeachment of president trump for incitement of insurrection. President Trump is the fourth president impeached in the U.S and trump is the first president who has been impeached twice.

On the other hand, Truman Libray said that there is no written record in the exit in which Harry Truman explicitly ordered the use of atomic weapons against Japan. Truman also released an authorized statement to the public about the use of the bomb.

The US DOD department defines the permissive action link device which included or attached in a nuclear weapon system to preclude arming and launching until the insertion of a prescribed describes code or combination. The system also includes equipment and cabling external to the weapon or weapon system to activate components within the weapon or weapon system.

On the other hand, the congressional research services note that the president has sales authority to authorized US nuclear weapons use the right was inherent in the US constitution’s role as commander in chief. The president can take counsel from the military advisor and call a meeting with a military advisor who adjusts the president’s order to meet the law of armed conflict and these advisors are required to implement the orders authorizing nuclear use with gold code standards.

Stephen Schwartz a non-resident senior fellow at the bulletin of atomic scientists said that there are believed to be various nuclear football and if Trump blows the inauguration then trump will aide with football with him until an aide with another football will be at the capitol ready to start. Biden after his sworn if it comes then it is speculated that Biden designation military ade will carry the football, on the other hand, Mr Trump’s ability to use he would cease.

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