Navalny supporters in Russia showered snow shells at police in -50 degrees, hundreds arrested2 min read


People stormed the streets in protest against the arrest of Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader of Russia and a fierce opponent of President Vladimir Putin, who was a victim of poisoning. Hundreds of protesters gathered in the capital city of Moscow and East Khabarovsk and began protesting against Navalny’s arrest. At the time hundreds of supporters were protesting, the temperature was close to -50 degrees.

Despite such a cold, the protesters stayed there and when the police reached there, people started throwing stones with snowballs. Meanwhile, police also detained hundreds of protesters. Police have also taken Navalni’s spokesperson and lawyer into custody.

It is being told that there are protests in at least 60 cities of Russia in support of Alexei Navleni. Please tell that Navlani, who returned to his country after winning the battle of death after ZahurKhurani, was arrested at Moscow Airport. Protests have continued since this action of the Putin government.

It is being told that after Navalny was detained, the police warned people not to protest in Russia, fearing rebellion. But despite this, a large number of people have taken to the streets in other cities including Moscow. Several reports claimed that mobile networks have also been blocked in some areas of Russia, although this has not been officially confirmed. Similar demonstrations have been reported from many cities of Russia.

Opposition leader Alexei Navleni was taken into custody by the police as he landed at Moscow airport on Sunday. He was undergoing treatment in Germany after being poisoned last summer and arrived home on Sunday. With this move, President Vladimir Putin is once again facing criticism from Western countries. Several countries, including the US and France, have strongly criticized the Russian government and demanded the release of Navleni soon.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was notorious in the way for removing rebels from the road in Russia, had increased difficulties last year when he was accused of poisoning Navalny, one of his outspoken opponents. Navalny became ill during a domestic flight on August 20 in Russia. Navalny was brought to Berlin via private air ambulance on August 22, two days after the ailing Navalny was airlifted under emergency conditions and treated at the Siberian Hospital in Omsk. After which an investigation by the Chemical Weapons Disarmament Organization revealed that Navalny was poisoned by Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok.

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