Putin signs law expanding immunity and office- holding eligibility of former Russian Presidents.2 min read


Vladimir Putin, President of Russia signed a law on Tuesday 22, 2020 that will ensure and grant lifetime immunity to the former Presidents once they leave the office.

As per Russian Constitution Article 91, the immunity was provided to President only while they work in office. This new law will bring life time immunity even after the president steps down, it also gives President and  their families immunity from prosecution of crimes committed during their lifetime, arrest, criminal charges, detention, interrogation, questioning by police, etc. They will now be immune in their person as well as their residence, office etc.

Before this law, Presidents were given immunity from prosecution of crimes, arrest etc. only for crimes committed till they are president in office, once they step down the power of immunity is finished.Moreover, to swipe of the immunity of a Presidents, Federal Assembly would require vote of both the chambers, two third votes respectively, that to only on the cases related to serious crime or accusations of high treason, the accusation against such President should be brought within three months of them being accused and would become law if lower house agrees and votes to approve and upper house backs it, moreover Putin signs it , if not than the accusation would be rejected and immunity would not be deprive or remove. This makes harder to revoke immunity of ex Presidents.

On Tuesday another law was passed based on Legislature, currently the assembly is composed of two representatives from each state of Russia, but now it would allow President to appoint thirty additional representatives. Moreover, to join council themselves as they leave the office of President. Current terms of Putin as president will end on 2024, he has not yet signed whether he will run again or not.

As per the law signed by Putin former Presidents will be granted a life time seat in Federation Council, a position which will ensure immunity from prosecution. A former President can still be stripped off from the immunity if the charges on him are confirmed by the Apex Court or Constitutional Court. Though the bill has increased the immunity power of the presidents and has benefited them with more powers, and it is really difficult to swipe off the immunity power from Presidents.

Navalnya opposition figure said that he called an security agent tricked him to admit that FSB tried to kill him in August 2020, he also said that he got the number from leaked logs. Later, Kremlin published the address and contact details of the agent though the actions would be illegal under new legislation.

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