South Africa court agrees to hear ex-president’s challenge to a 15-month jail term3 min read


South Africa’s top court agrees to hear the previous president Jacob Zuma‘s challenge against his 15-month sentence on contempt charges.

South Africa’s constitutional court has consented to hear previous President Jacob Zuma’s challenge to rescind a request sentencing him to jail for 15 months on contempt charges.

The constitutional court sentenced Zuma to 15 months in jail on Tuesday for neglecting to show up at the debasement request driven by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo in February.

The previous president was given until the finish of Sunday to hand himself in, after which police would be obliged to arrest him. Be that as it may, the court concurred on Saturday to hear his application on July 12.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent Fahmida Miller, reporting from Nkandla, South Africa, said that instead of giving himself over by tomorrow or face arrest in the coming days … Jacob Zuma will return or possibly show up interestingly at the Constitutional Court to safeguard himself. Mill operator said that before the sentence the pioneer had various opportunities to voice his concerns.

He disregarded the opportunities, Miller said. Furthermore, presently it’s anything but a day before he is supposed to hand himself over he will converse with the Constitutional Court, she added.

Zuma has considered the sentence a political statement of exemplary punishment. He has kept up with the fact that he is the casualty of a political witch hunt and that Zondo is biased against him.

In his application to abrogate the decision submitted on Friday, Zuma said going to jail would put him at the highest risk of death from the pandemic because he is almost 80 and has an ailment.

Thousands of his supporters, for the most part, members of the African National Congress’ UmkhontoWesizwe military wing, have been setting up camp outside his home in the Kwa-Zulu Natal area for quite a long time.

On Saturday, hundreds of them walked alongside Zuma in his hometown of Nkandla.

They can allow Zuma 15 months … or 100 months. He won’t serve even at some point or one moment of that, his son Edward Zuma told the news office Reuters at the social affair. They would need to kill me before they put their hands on him.

Zuma, who didn’t speak to his supporters, however, is expected to address them on Sunday, wore a dark and gold Hawaiian shirt as he strolled through the group, yet no mask. He was monitored by men dressed as conventional warriors from his Zulu country, wearing panther skins and holding spears with oval bull conceal shields.

Tension has been foaming this week as members of the UmkhontoWesizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) compromised that the nation would be destabilized if the previous pioneer was secured, promising to frame a human shield around Zuma.

Dreading a showdown, the decision African National Congress (ANC) said it’s anything but a scheduled gathering of its top National Executive Committee this end of the week.

Numerous convoys of common neighborhood leaders, remembering the ANC secretary for KwaZulu Natal MdumiseniNtuli and commonplace chief SihleZikalala were spotted at the homestead.

Zuma partner Carl Niehaus told AFP that the previous president was in his homestead meeting with spiritual leaders on Saturday.

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