South Korea sexual exploitation activist charged with fraud and embezzlement2 min read


South Korean examiners on Monday accused Yoon Mee-hyang of misrepresentation and theft identified with her time as top of the Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance for the Issues of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan. Yoon ventured down from the association to run for her momentum seat in Parliament. It is affirmed, in addition to other things, that Yoon utilized government appropriations for her own advantage, burning through a huge number of US dollars on close to home buys, and that she constrained a casualty with Alzheimers ailment to give to her association. She has been accused of eight tallies of misrepresentation and theft.

The association was shaped to help “comfort ladies,” the ladies who worked in Japanese wartime whorehouses. The issue is a wellspring of pressure among Japan and South Korea. Yoon’s association assumed a part in invalidating a 2015 settlement between the two nations. Yoon expressed that she plans to demonstrate her guiltlessness at the preliminary. Yoon Mee-hyang ventured down as top of the Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance for the Issues of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan, otherwise called Jungdaehyup, this year to dispatch an effective offer for a seat in parliament, where she presently fills in as an individual from the decision party. From that point forward, she has been hounded by charges that she utilized government sponsorships for her own advantage, as opposed to help the “comfort ladies” – a Japanese code word for those compelled to work in Japan’s wartime whorehouses.

Examiners said in an announcement, Yoon was charged on eight tallies, remembering unlawfully getting countless dollars for government sponsorships, spending gifts to the non-benefit bunch on close to home buys, and convincing a casualty who was experiencing Alzheimer’s malady to give to the establishment, among different wrongdoings. Calls to Yoon and to the gathering she used to lead were not replied, yet Yonhap news organization detailed that she delivered an announcement communicating lament over the charges, vowing to demonstrate her honesty in court, and saying ‘sorry’ for causing discussion. In May, Lee Yong-soo, an unmistakable casualty and extremist, blamed Yoon for misusing the ladies to earn government assets and public gifts while spending minimal expenditure on them. The fight takes steps to subvert the wartime sexual brutality development, driven for quite a long time by Yoon, Lee and Jungdaehyup, which together assumed a key part in viably invalidating a 2015 settlement with Japan. The issue stays a central point in full relations between the two U.S. partners