Donald Trump, the former President of the United States of America, had filed a lawsuit in order to overturn the election results which declared Joe Biden as the new President of the United States of America. The Supreme Court of America rejected the lawsuit of Donald Trump which led to an attempt of getting the legal problems of the State to be rejected and also before the highest courts of the nations by the Federal Judges.

Over fifty percent of the House Republicans have backed the Texas lawsuit which is to invalidate the President election of Joe Biden as there was a display of suppressing the will of the voters by the party. The Texas lawsuit was even joined by 126 Congress members and also by 17 Republican Attorney General who claimed to remove all the votes that were attained by fraud by the party of Joe Biden. Two of the top leaders of Republican House, Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise also backed the lawsuit and also stated about the remarkable political power held by Donald Trump.

The lawsuit filed by Donald Trump is against the principles enshrined in the American Democracy and can be considered as an act of GOP desperation. There were various statements made by various republicans but many remained silent as well. Some of the statements by top leaders include one from Alexander who claimed in an interview that there are no evidences of any fraud in the elections of Joe Biden to which a Law Professor of the University of California tweeted that Supreme Court shall not overturn the election in this case of elections. This attracted the attention of Ken Paxton who is the Attorney General and he expressed his opinion that the country currently is in a bad shape and the 17 states of United States of America can support the shameful and Anti- American act of filing the lawsuit. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker also made a statement that though Texas is a big State, it has no right to tell other four states in regard to conduction of their elections.

There were lawsuits filed against the States of Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan regarding the accusations of false or faulty conduction of elections which lead to be proved false. Trump had tweeted that it was only the Supreme Court who could save the USA from such an abuse in the election conduction which comprised of fraud and suppression fowill. He had even conducted a meeting with various Attorneys General and other Republic and before he filed the lawsuit against the elections.

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