UN rights council urges rights-based approach to COVID-19 pandemic.2 min read


The UN rights council say that the states providing health aid health care and social protection to their people, especially to the most vulnerable  will be able to revive  there are people from my device treating shock from the effects of the novel coronavirus.  The UN officials participated in the debate about the human rights protection in the Global pandemic.  The UN rights council said none of the countries have a spared  the blows of the pandemic,  but it is the most vulnerable and marginalized members of the society who are highly affected by the pandemic.  The  United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet told that many countries have implemented health security benefits,  free food policies essential Aid to the people to combat the negative effects of the coronavirus. On the other hand, she warned  other countries which if not taken such measures  would face a grimmar future.

She also alleged that some States have infringed the rights of the people by violations of suppressing the freedom of information,  and refreshing the rights of Criticism.  She also noted that this would be against public health and impede the faster recovery another human rights.  She also said that lockdown implemented by the countries to reduce the spread of the coronavirus had adversely infected the economies of this countries and the complicated burden of such Rebel of the economy is ultimately turned on the poor people of the country with nearly two billion informal sector workers all around the world. 

The international  Labour Organization reports show that women are disproportionately affected by the joblessness resulted out of the lockdown.  Other competent works report that this lock down and economic crisis there of negatively impacted in the people of indigenous communities ethnic minorities and migrant workers.  It said that the social security system is the key element for the fastest recovery of both the economic crisis and pandemic.  The World Health Organization has reported that global coronavirus affected persons are nearly 29 million people with deaths amounting to 1 million people.The executive director of the World Health Organization emergency program Michael Ryan noted that there is no equity  shared for the access to health benefits which are highly influenced by  gender, age, wealth.  social class and legal status.  Also stated that the World Health Organization will stand with  the United Nations high commission for human rights for ensuring the this pandemic will not clampdown the human rights of people.

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