US Officials Accuse Russia, Iran of Online Election Interference2 min read


Top officials of the US national intelligence on Wednesday announced that Russia and Iran have somehow obtained all the American voters’ registration data and are attempting to interfere and influence the ongoing Presidential Elections.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher A. Wray called an unplanned news conference on Wednesday evening at the bureau’s headquarters and announced that Iran is using this information to send threatening and spoofed e-mails to the voters in an attempt to sabotage President Donald J. Trump’s effort at re-election.


The voter registration data obtained by Russia and Iran was public and easily available and no hacking of the voter registration system was involved as per an intelligence official. It was just a matter of looking at the right place to get access to the data. This data includes voters’ names, party registrations, and contact information. As per the intelligence officials, this data might have been merged with other identifying materials like email addresses, obtained from other sources and databases mainly sold at the ‘dark web’ by criminal hacking groups.

President Donald Trump has been debating and claiming for weeks now that the voting on November 3 will be rigged and the mail-in ballots will lead to fraudulent voting. He has been claiming this in the light that his opponents can only defeat him by cheating.


  • On Wednesday, high ranking officials of the US National Intelligence announced with evidence that Iran and Russia are trying to interfere in the ongoing Presidential Elections
  • The Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe along with FBI Director Christopher A. Wray announced at a news conference that both Iran and Russia have somehow acquired the voter registration data
  • They further said that Iran is using this information to send spoofed and threatening e-mails in an attempt to influence the elections and sabotage the re-election efforts of President Trump
  • Some of the spoofed emails are staged to be sent from the pro-Trump far-right groups including the Proud Boys
  • The officials have said that the data acquired was public and it was only a matter of where to look to acquire the information
  • Earlier, only Russia was accused to be the primary threat to the elections but after the uncovering of Iran’s involvement, it is established that Iran is also a capable force to play threat to the elections


The top US intelligence officials on Wednesday evening uncovered that Iran and Russia have somehow obtained the data of American voters’ registration and are using it to interfere with the ongoing election along with major evidence. Iran is accused to use this information to send out spoofed and threatening emails to influence the voting and sabotage Trump’s efforts to be re-elected as US President.

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