Bombay Bar Association contributes 10 Lakhs to the PM’S relief fund4 min read

– Mukesh Kumar Mishra


As we all know, the outbreak of  the Novel Coronavirus aka Covid-19 is slowing down the human life cycle and the Economy as well. Right now, more than 160 countries are fighting from this pandemic (declared  by the World Health Organisation). More than 300k cases reported worldwide and about 100k people recovered  from this deadly disease. The death toll is also on the rise these days. India is also battling with this pandemic and fighting in the front foot to defeat this deadly virus.

In this regard , every govt. organisation directing the citizens to follow the guidelines prescribe by the World Health Organisation and also follow the ‘Social Distancing’ and refrain from massing gratuitously. The mainly state the prevention of the people to come in direct contact with other person, avoid unnecessary gathering in public places and also distance themselves from the crowd. Adding one step further, the Bombay Bar Association on Sunday released the notice mentioning that they will be contributing Rs.10 lakh from the Bombay association trust fund to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund for combating (deadly disease) the pandemic of Covid-19. This will be going to help the central govt. and also various state govt. to combat this virus from getting spread.



The key in this notification is being a front warrior and help the nation by any means whether through cash or in kind and also help the nation to fight from this deadly disease by hook or by crook.



The notice was authored by Bombay Bar Association Secretary and Senior Advocate Dr. Birendra Saraf, and it particularly states that-  “As we all know, in the present situation entire world is facing the serious trouble due to outbreak of the pandemic corona virus originated from the Wuhan, one of the cities of China. By far now, India is facing one of its worst crises as it fights the pandemic of Covid-19. We all know that there is desperate need for resources both for medical facilities and also for our fellow countrymen. The people who earn money on the daily wages had lost their daily livelihood and are struggling for survival”. Looking at these situation, Bombay Bar Association members called upon to make “large-hearted donation or contribution” to the PM’s relief fund.

They further stated that members of the association, in the past, had risen before to help in various natural disasters and calamities. In these hard times and suffrage, members  are very confident & keen to make their maximum contribution as much as they can to the  relief funds from the Association trust. Day before yesterday, three lakh rupees was being donated by the Supreme Court Justice NV Ramana. He donated the 3 lakhs in 3 different relief funds which were one lakh rupees each in ,  PM Relief Fund, AP Chief Minister’s Relief Fund and Telangana Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for combating and helping the governments to fight against the deadly virus. By giving this reference he said that we are now dealing with the pandemic (novel corona virus) which has caused the threat to the life of numerous human beings.

This pandemic is spreading its  feet to all over the globe and right now there is no vaccine or medically prescribed drug available in the market. So, there is dire need of the hour is to follow the guidelines & precautionary measures prescribed by the renowned health agencies, i.e. WHO or Ministry Of Health Family Welfare. He also advised to follow the aged old cardinal principle which is “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” . This situation also portrays the picture of  the inter-dependence of the peoples. In these circumstances, your behavior towards other will also prescribe and propagate the step towards the cure of this disease. We have to understand that care of ourselves and others are depending upon how much you distance yourselves from others although it might sound enigmatic in nature.


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