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The Year 2020 has been facing the worst disaster that the world wouldn’t have faced with the name “corona”. This corona (termed as COVID-19) is a family of viruses which have been developed in Wuhan, a place in China. Though the reasons for its development have different theories. The first one says that the virus has been rapidly spread through bats and other sea animals. The other theory is a controversial theory, which states China has launched a biological war by making this rapid virus to spread like a pandemic. This virus though has been discovered in 2003, proper laboratory research was not made due to which there was no pre-invented cure for the outbreak.

Current Issue

It has been known that the nations have initiated lockdowns to prevent the pandemic. This is because the World Health Organisation has issued regulator measures on all countries to initiate “Social Distancing”. The main theme for such measures is to prevent the Outbreak of the Pandemic disease Corona.

Italy is the country which was affecting the worst. This even leads some of the prominent persons there to commit suicide after having experience of this pandemic. Though regulatory measures were taken, Corona also hit worse in India. In India, the number of positive cases has been increasing day by day and the number of deaths also been increasing. This is happening despite National Lockdowns and other precautionary measures have already been initiated.

Recently, it was in the news that the Indian famous singer Kanika Kapoor has tested out Positive for corona. Her famous songs include “Baby doll” from Ragini MMS 2. She has been immediately taken to the Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Medical Sciences Hospital (SGPGIMS) to have tests further. Sample tests should be conducted for such positive cases for every 48 hours.


Out of 5 tests which are conducted in total, 2 of the tests shown Negative and remaining are Positive. Prof. RK Dhiman, the Director of the Institute has come to media and said that the condition of our beloved singer was stable, and her fans, friends and family can stop being worried about her.

On 30th March 2020, The singer Kanika posted that she would highly hope her next test is negative. This ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan’ singer subsequently assured her fans that she is all safe and whatever they hear despite this are rumours. She also requested all her fans to stay safe and thanked them for all the concern and gratitude that they had shown  on her.”

Kanika also shared a beautiful quote for her fans saying that life teaches people to use the time for doing good and time teaches the real value of life.

QUESTION OF LAW: Pandemic turned into a Criminal Case

Kanika has been critically overburdened and hyper-tensioned from the time she had tested positive corona Pandemic. This had happened at the starting of March.  She had also been stopped to attend parties and said that she would be alleged under criminal charges i.e. under Section 269 and 270 for negligently spreading this epidemic disease.But, luckily none of the people whom she had contact with has shown positive.

The Lucknow police charged her for negligently attending various social events which are in the premises of the city Despite herself being affected by the deadly pandemic COVI’D-19.  She had been instructed by the official authorities to get into quarantine in her home. The political leaders who visited Kanika when she in Lucknow are also ordered to get into Quarantine.

When Kanika Kapoor was in a helpless position, it was Sonam Kapoor who cheered her to get well and also the fans by saying that she is fine.



The pandemic corona had put a check to the world for all its activities. Many countries like India been shut-down.  The pandemic has taking lives exponentially. The countries like America even face around 2 lakh positive cases for corona. There are countries which have been entered into the Third Pace and have hit the worse. These are European countries like Italy. Though today The outbreak rate in Italy has been decreased, in India it does the opposite. We even face the good people who aren’t escaped by the outbreak of this pandemic. One such example is Kanika Sharma. It affects people irrespective of any differences. The only key to escape from this dangerous outbreak is by taking measures properly, flowing the strict guidelines which have been established by the governments. This has to be done by maintaining social distancing and reaching out to the hospital in case of an immediate emergency. The entire country hopes that the lives shall be saved from this deadly pandemic disease Corona.

So Stay Safe, Save lives!!!

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