Karnataka HC’s Direction to the state in the Lockdown Period4 min read

By- Ayush Srivastava


Covid-19, this word has established menaces in heart of whole world. This had created encumbrance even in the path of great superpowers like United States of America, China etc. Whole world is in torment with the sequel of this pandemic. It also had created encumbrance in the path of legislators, the government and public health professionals with other complex changes.



In the wake of various grapheme and requests for e-filing of Public Interests Litigation acknowledged by the Registrar(Judicial), the Karnataka HC endow a number of superintendence to be taken by various authorities during the Cornonavirus Lockdown.

The following superintendence has been drifted by a Division Bench of Chief Justice Abhay Shreenivas Oka and B.V. Nagarathna:

  1. Police Excess and Lathi Charge- The first grey-matter that was acknowledged by the court was of police excess and unwarranted lathicharge on the citizens. The court directed the Director Generel of Police of State to issue precept to police personnel to refrain from lathi-charge.
  2. Decongestion of Jails- The Court noted that a Committee headed by the Executive Chairman of the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority has been constituted and various specifications have been issued for implementations of the precept issued by Apex Court. Furthermore the Court was primed that high-octane committees have been constituted at the District Level to identify the Under Trial Prisoners who are charged with offences for which the prescribed punishment is up to seven years or less. The Court ordained the State Government to ensure the guidelines as laid down in Arnesh Kumar vs. State of Bihar regarding issue of unnecessary arrests to be followed.
  3. Midday Meals in Aganwadis- the Court precepted that State should inform he Court, the manner regarding bestowing of food to pregnant and lactating mothers and adolescent girls continue.
  4. Supply of Food to Poor People-   The Court ordained that in order to reduce congestion in the ration shops, the State should essentially consider the question of delivery of food grains to poor people, daily wage workers and people residing in the streets. Additionally, the direction in Swaraj Abhiyan vs. Union of India,which contemplated that the State Government will have to provide rations to the citizens on production of identity proof. Adding on the Court said-“We expect the State Government to respond to this subject before the next date by producing comprehensive plan for supply of food grains to needy people, poor people, daily wage workers etc.
  5. Pourakarmikas- Health, Working Hours and Food- The next- grey matter equipped with tidal volume was that of Pourarkarmikas (Sanitation Workers). The Karnataka HC directed Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palika ( BBMP) to ensure that safety equpiment is provided to all Pourarkarmikas working under it and also they should be provided with breakfast at mustering centers in the morning.
  6. Food for Stray and Pet Animals- The court has also ordained that the Government should ensure the supply of food to stray and pet animals such as dogs, cows, horses etc. This apart, the Karnataka HC urged all NGOs working in the field providing relief to various classes of citizens, to upload all the information so that the state government may work alongside these NGOs

“Considering the extraordinary situation which we are facing, it will be appropriate if the State Government provides a portal on its website with a request to all NGOs to upload information about the nature of work they are doing and the geographical area of their work area of their work. If the said information is centrally available on the portal, the State Government can more effectively take the help of NGOs and in fact, allocate different categories of services in different areas to NGOs.”




“Winners don’t do different things, they do the things differently.” This phrase legibly makes it clear that to cope with any situation we need to equipped ourselves with precision and we can overcome with any situation in efficient manner.

Each and Every Government (whether Central or that of State) is trying its best to overcome the aftereffects of this pandemic and not only the efforts of government but especially that of Police Officers and Doctors are appreciated and we cannot return anything in exchange of it to them.

Social Therapy being only the alternative needs to be followed by each and every person, otherwise we will be in the consequence of the same sequel which that of Italy, Spain and other nations are experiencing.

Now the time has come we need to get unite and set the example in front of our upcoming generation that the unity is the only idiosyncrasy which can unravel any problem.

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