By :Akansha J.


The year 2020 had brought a series of unfortunate events upon the mankind. First, it brought the devastating Forest Fire in the forests of Australia, whereon the country lost its long treasured animals and plants. Then, as the world was recovering through Forest Fire when the heavens brought rains to Australia after weeks of burning, a second blow landed upon it. In the farms of Africa landed a locusts swamp threatening the crops and livelihood of the country. And merely in the third month the deadly Corona Virus was observed to kill thousands and continue to affect many. Corona virus or the covid-19 is a pandemic that the world is facing right through the advent of 2020. It’s outbreak started through the country of China and spread rapidly through Italy, Iran, United Kingdom and in the past 2 weeks a steady and deadly manifestation has been seen in India. As precautionary measures, the government advised the public to maintain social distances and keep themselves clean and sanitized. But as it turned out, the citizen of India did not quite cope up with the maintain social distances.
As weeks passed by, the virus grew too and saw Mumbai on the red alert with around 10 patients every hour. Upon seeing the situation escalate out of hand so quickly, the Government initially cancelled school and other educational institutions to be on hold for the time being and until further notice. However, this was not deemed fit to resolve the issue and the country shut down for until 31st March,

Modes of commutation like railways, buses and auto rickshaws were also banned from operating. Medical stores and stores of necessities continue to operate to provide relief to the public.



Upon a special meeting which was attended by chief secretaries of all the states of India along with the Cabinet and the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi, the descision was taken upon to shut down 75 districts around the country. The Central and the State Government mutually came to the decision for such a close down for controlling the rapid growth of the virus in the country. The 75 districts constituted from the states of Kerala, Maharastra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Punjab where the wide spread had been detected. The Government granted permission only to the backgrounds of essential commodities and services. The country observed a Janta Bandh on the 22nd March, a Sunday.
In his powerful and impactful address to the county and it’s residents, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi pleaded with the citizen to abide by the policy of social distancing. He pursued major companies and work places to shut down and declared it to be inconvenient to the employers to deduct the salary for the quarantine period. When the employers did not follow the noble words, it had authorities knocking over and shutting down the factories and the work places. When people mistook this period to be a merry-time celebration with their friends and family, harsh and strict actions were taken by the on- duty officials.

In the Capital city, the chief minister Arvind Kejriwal offically announced that the national capital lock down would be observed from 6am onwards until the midnight of 31st March,2020. As a result of the 75 districts lock down as well as the national capital lock down, trains of all forms have been restricted from presuming their journeys. The goods train however have been exempted for this purpose. This has proved to cause a little panic in the minds of the public, but nevertheless it was an essential step that the government had to enforce for preventing the rapid wide spread of the deadly virus.


The latest statistics have shown that the number of patients infected with Corona Virus(COVID 19) rose to a 347 patients. However, India and its citizen showed excellent support towards stayed locked in their house during these difficult times. Despite the panic, fruits and vegetables are still available at the allotted time, chemists kept restocking the masks and sanitizers and the buyers obediently followed the duty of purchasing them. Majority of the crowd that is found on the street, is seen with a mask, either a surgical or homemade scarfs. The citizen also paid their tribute to the healers of this Virus(COVID 19), by applauding and tapping plates with spoons. Some enthusiastic citizen also played instruments and showed their thankfulness. The harmonious quarantine will hopefully achieve its purpose of further spread of the Corona Virus (covid 19) until 31st March.


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