Banquet hall owner goes to HC against move to turn it into Covid facility2 min read

By- Anusha Agarwal

The Delhi supreme court has sought to understand from the Delhi government whether public properties like community centres, exhibition halls and stadia had also been appropriated after a private company that runs a banquet hall within the city had approached court, challenging the government’s decision for requisition of the premises to be converted into an extended Covid hospital.
The company said it had bookings for marriages. Challenging the govt decision, it had contended that by the June 12 order, the district authority has requisitioned the banquet hall under provisions of the Disaster Management Act (DMA) for being converted into an extended Covid hospital and claimed that the order was contrary to the law and susceptible to be quashed.
On Wednesday, opposing the plea, additional standing counsel of the Delhi government, Satyakam, told the court that the govt had the facility to spot which facilities were suitable and effective for being converted into a Covid facility.
During the hearing, the Delhi government counsel told the court that the powers of the govt under the DMA are quite broad under which any resources, premises or building belonging to any authority or person are often requisitioned by the govt .
He submitted that the banquet halls had been appropriated and were getting to be attached as Covid facilities attached with hospitals, in sight of the shortage of space due to the outbreak of the pandemic and lots of such premises had been requisitioned by the govt .
However, he submitted that he was willing to file an inventory of all the properties within the North-West Delhi region that had been requisitioned by the sub-divisional Magistrate for conversion to Covid facilities.
The court asked the govt counsel to file the list and posted the matter for further hearing on Midsummer Day .


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