BCI Asks District Bar Associations To Mandatorily Furnish Details Of Advocates3 min read

By- Palak Singh

The Bar Council of India has on various occasions written to all the Bar Association of the Country (through the State Bar Council/s) to provide the details of every practicing Advocate of the country as per the format required by the e-Committee of the Supreme Court of India. The General Counsel of the Bar Council of India at its meeting held on 24.07.2020 considered this issue once again and passed a resolution to the effect wherein it observed, that Bar Council of India has issued several letters to the Secretaries of all the State Bar Councils asking and requesting them to furnish the details as required by E-Committee of the Supreme Court of India. It has further noted that it appears that the Secretary, Bar Council of India has formed a Whatsapp group in which all the Secretaries/representatives of all State Bar Councils have been included and that the said WhatsApp group appears to be active and it appears that regular communications have been/are being made therein. The Council has, however, also observed that the net result of feedback from many concerned State Bar Councils appears to be quite unsatisfactory. The office of Apex court for this small (but very important matter) has issued several reminders to the office of Bar Council of India, which has, in turn, has repeatedly requested the State Bar Councils to furnish the relevant, sought and required details of the Advocates practicing in the different bar associations of the country. The result is that because of the inaction of many State Bar Councils particularly the State Bar Councils of West Bengal, Manipur, Meghalaya, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka and Jammu & Kashmir (who have not even properly responded to any communication issued/made by the office of Bar Council of India including WhatsApp messages, telephonic calls), the Bar Council of India is unable to furnish the information to the Hon’ble Supreme Court. In so far as other State Bar Councils are concerned, most of the forms received are incomplete and do not furnish all the required information particularly the email IDs, Whatsapp nos, and other details.
The State Bar Councils had been repeatedly reminded that all such information should be procured and provided to BCI to furnish the same to the Supreme Court of India, but the results as stated above has been far from satisfactory. Thus obviously because of the said lacuna, the entire exercise appears to be futile. Under the aforesaid circumstances, having left with no other alternative, the Bar Council of India, therefore, has resolved to write to the Presidents/Secretaries of all the District and Taluka Bar Associations of the country to supply the details as per given format directly to the office of BCI on the email bci.scinfo@gmail.com which has been created by the office specifically for this particular purpose. The Bar Associations shall be required to collect by Whatsapp, and email preferably, all such data of all practicing Advocates who are members of their respective Bar Associations and thereafter once the data is collected, all such data, shall be required to be cross-checked to ensure the same ss per the required format(provided below). Individual Advocates are requested not to send individual emails to BCI. They have to submit their details to the respective Bar Associations of which they are members and for convenience and ease, the entire list shall be required to be sent by/through the Bar Associations to BCI in word/excel format at bci.scinfo@gmail.com as per the following format.

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