Bengaluru woman who flew to other cities to steal handbags has been arrested by the police2 min read

By: Rali Sateesh

A 46-year-old woman (resident of Bengaluru) has been arrested by the Mumbai crime branch police on Wednesday for purportedly committing thefts in various cities across India for more than a decade. According to the police reports, the woman lives in Bengaluru and travels by air to another metropolitan city every morning and steals the handbags of customers in some high profile shopping complexes and returns to Bengaluru by evening. 

The woman, Munmun Hussain is an orchestra bar singer and she was a divorcee with a daughter. She confessed to the thefts and said that as she could not fund her daily expenses with the money earned from the job, so she started committing crimes like thefts. The woman was wanted in three different cases in Mumbai for stealing handbags of customers at Zara and Lakme showrooms and some more cases were also filed against her for theft in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The police also said that she has been doing the same since 2009. The police started searching her on the basis of a complaint lodged in Mumbai’s NM Joshi Marg Police Station on April 6th, 2019. The complainant said that her handbag has been stolen from her while she was paying a bill at the counter. She also told that her bag consisted of her phone, gold ornaments and also some cash, which would be a total of 14.9 lakh. The police checked the CCTV footage of the mall and identified Hussain and have been trying to locate her since then. With the help of some human resources and technical evidence, the police found her residence in Bengaluru.

Munmun Hussain confessed to stealing the handbags of two more customers from Zara and Lakme parlour in 2018. Previously, she was also arrested in 2018 at Bengaluru airport for stealing money from a passenger’s handbag. According to the police reports, she committed her first crime in Kolkata and she has been doing the same since then. The police believe that there are some more cases registered against Hussain in other cities as well and they are trying to collect those details. 

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