Death Of a Cab Driver In Judicial Custody in Tughlakabad,Delhi5 min read

By Singh Umendra Pratap

Mesar Ali (24), a cab driver from Tughlakabad (Delhi) was died in judicial custody. He was under the charge of section 378 (theft) and other theft charges. Mesar taken last breathe and succumbed to death on Wednesday, as his condition collapses and worsened lately on Wednesday. He has the responsibility of a wife and two sons.


Welcome police station received a complaint about theft in the locality on Wednesday of this week. The court decides to put the accused in judicial custody but unfortunately the accused died in the police custody lately on Thursday. This leads to contention among the family of the succumbed on police.

Information provided by police:                                                                                                                                                                                     

The police claimed that they encountered a PCR call on Wednesday, complaining of fetching the thief at Kabir Nagar in the night at 2:49 am.

  • The complaint lodged on Mesar was stealing of tempo of Heralal Kamra (complainant).
  • He (Kamra) also uttered that crowed had beaten Mesar, claimed DCP Ved Prakash Surya and added that, when Mesar caught red-handed while committing theft, mob attacked on him. 
  • The DCP also added that they had still not arrested the Mesar as was directly taken into the Jag Parvesh chander hospital for the Healing and recovery of wounds. 
  • The DCP of northeast told that Mesar was already produced in the metropolitan magistrate court and sent to judicial custody, till the time Danish (brother of Mesar) reaches.
  •  The chief casualty medical office (Hedgewar hospital) told that they tried a lot to save Mesar’s life, but he succumbed to wounds nearly at 9:38 pm.

                                                                                                                                                           Family’s view:

  • The family of Mesar doubted and suspected that he was under torture and beaten up immensely in the police custody on Wednesday.                                                                                                      
  • Mesar’s younger brother, Danish Ali, professed that his brother (Mesar) had informed that he was beaten up but he had not uttered any name about it. He also revealed of having wound. Danish fortunes to meet his brother when cops called him to notify Mesar’s arrest.

He also alleged that he was not allowed to meet and have a talk with Mesar after approaching the Welcome Police station the police stated him that Mesar had been shifted to Mandoli jail in the evening of Wednesday.Danish also claimed that he was asked to visit the GTB hospital from a call and on approaching, found my brother dead. He said that his brother also endured multiple injuries throughout the body, like injuries to head and chest, fractured arms and lesion face.

  • Rubi (Mesar’s wife) claimed that Mesar confirmed to return to home on midnight of Wednesday but when she gave repeated calls, but Mesar doesn’t respond. After some time, in the noon of Wednesday, she got a call from the Police station, and informed about her husband’s arrest in the theft case.
  • The family of Mesar denied with the charges of theft and in support of this they said that he rides a rented cab of Ertiga and earlier than this’ he was a truck driver and commenced the cab service,  weeks ago. But, the DCP denied of spotting or recovering any car from the site.

The negligence from the part of the cops created suspicion among the family members for police department. The information provided by police was regarding the reason for the death of succumbed. The police claimed that the death was due to the beaten up by public. And every procedure was according to law. But, the family questioned the authorities regarding the brutal death of Mesar, as the family witnessed the injuries on the body of the succumbed.

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