Egypt court sentences 24 people to death over alleged murder of police officers2 min read


The 24 brotherhood members have been sentenced to death by the Egyptian Criminal Court for the killing of cops in two separate cases, a judicial offer same.

The state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper same because the Damanhour court ordered the execution on Thursday for 16 defendants connected with the Muslim Brotherhood, besides Mohamed Sweidan, a regional leader of the organization, for his or her involvement within the bombing of a police bus in Rashid city in Beheira governorate in 2015. The report is supplementary that the blast killed three cops and wounded 39 others.

The same court is additionally two-handed down the execution to eight Muslim Brotherhood members, who were defendants of killing a lawman in December 2014 in Ad Dilinjat city in Beheira. The case was born for three of the defendants due to their deaths. Eight of the 24 defendants were tried in absentia.

Al-Ahram did not clarify whether or not or not the verdicts are final or could also be appealed. However, the Shehab Organization for Human Rights, based outside Egypt, same the verdicts square measure final as they were issued by the associate emergency court. Capital punishment for civilian convicts in Egypt, the Arab world’s most inhabited country, is disbursed by hanging. There don’t seem to be any actual figures for death penalties issued in Egypt this year apart from ten-handed down in April and people upheld against twelve Muslim Brotherhood leaders over the Rabaa sit-in dispersion case in 2013. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, in February 2019, has defended the execution at a summit between Arab and European states.

Following the overthrow of former President Mohamed Morsi in 2013, Egyptian authorities have cracked down on Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders and unlawful the cluster.

Founded in 1928 in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has established itself as a result of the most opposition movement in Egypt despite decades of repression and has impressed spinoff movements and political parties across the Muslim world. But it remains prohibited in several countries besides Egypt for its alleged links to act or acts of terrorism.

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