By- Mukesh

The Congress party of Haryana has slammed the special inquiry team SET, even before the contents of the report has yet out and a limited pinpointing report according to the sources, which was submitted by the senior bureaucrat PC Gupta who headed the team is alleged by the Congress it does not raise any pointing finger at any big short. Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC) whose president Kumari Shailja had launched an attack and said that the government has been in a way to suppress the facts related to liquids camp that took place during the lockdown it also alleged that the report is an attempt to save big names involved in the scam.
The president of the Congress Committee has demanded an investigation should be conducted under the supervision of a sitting judge of the High Court. She also added that all records of corruption are been broken by the government with loot and scoot in the prevailing condition of coronavirus pandemic. She also meant the SET was formed after the rejection of a special investigation team (SIT) which would have conducted an investigation in depth and She had claimed that the probe monitored by the High Court judge can only fix the real issue with liquor scams.
She had mentioned that the special inquiry team was not empowered to hold any investigation under the Code of Criminal Procedure, nor did it have any legal validity. She also alleged that the purpose of such an inquiry is to cover up the ruling politicians from the Scam.
The issue of liquor scam was highly spoken about with the state tacking much of Haryana’s economic issues with the reopening of Liquor factories and the opposite party’s criticism even without the contents of the report not yet out is seen as politicizing the matters in the prevailing condition of Corona Pandemic. The leader has mentioned about the High Court, should be in monitoring place that can be accepted by that does not make any mandatory necessity in law if the SET proves that its inquiry report is far meritorious.

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