Major Child sexual abuse trial begins in Germany2 min read

By- Greeshma Joy

A cook has gone on trial in Cologne. Germany’s biggest post-war paedophile investigation has revealed that the suspect is accused of sexually abusing his baby daughter.

According to the police, thousands of people in the paedophile networks are found to have viewed the pictures posted by Jorg L on the Swiss secure messaging service Threema.

Last October, a raid was conducted in his house in Bergisch Gladbach, near Cologne, which has paved way for the police to direct the investigations to a dozen more alleged paedophiles. It has also been stated that Jorg’s wife would testify against him.

Records say that, from all 16 German states, eighty-seven suspected paedophiles have been identified as a result of this case. Also, around 50 children, aged from three months to 15 years, have been reported to be removed from their abusive parents.

It has also been observed that three out of the investigators have taken sick leave after being traumatised by seeing the images.

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Michaela Brunssen, Court spokesperson said that Jörg L, the accused, is alleged to have committed sexual violence, which sometimes has ranged to severe violence, against his daughter in 61 cases.

According to the German media, terabytes of video and image files, in this case, are still being combed through by around 130 investigators.
Jörg L’s full name has not been given for legal reasons. To protect his young daughter, Jorg’s testimony as well as of his wife’s would be given behind closed doors. According to the expectations, the trial could last 11 days and Jörg L might have to face 15 years in jail.

As many as 30,000 people are believed to be linked to the paedophile chat groups which are currently under investigation. Some of the online chats are recorded to have up to 1,800 participants at a time.