Now till one month will have to wait for divorce in China2 min read

By- Jahnvi Srivastava

There is an atmosphere of outrage among married couples seeking divorce at this time. This is because China has implemented a new rule on Thursday, according to which, before divorce, the husband and wife have to spend a month to ‘cool off’. The people of China are calling it the government’s interference in private matters and opposing it.

According to this new rule, married couples will have to wait a month before the process can begin to apply for divorce. China has taken this decision to reduce the increasing rate of divorce cases in the country. The law was reacted to last year, even then there was a lot of opposition.

After the passage of this rule, it has become one of the top trends on China’s social media platform Weibo. So far, more than 50 million posts have been posted about it. A Weibo user wrote, ‘Now can’t we also divorce freely? There will be many people who get married impulsively, for them there should be a cooling period before marriage. ‘


However, this cooling-off period will not apply in that case, the cause of all divorces will be domestic violence. Let us know that the rate of divorce cases in China has been increasing continuously since the year 2003. Over 40 lakh Chinese couples divorced last year. Which was 10.3 lakh more than the year 2003, when couples were allowed to divorce by mutual consent without going to court.

Also recently China’s parliament on Thursday approved a new controversial security law for Hong Kong that would make it a crime to undermine Beijing’s authority in the former British colony. This new law allows Chinese security agencies to open their establishments in Hong Kong for the first time. The official news agency Xinhua reported that the National People’s Congress (NPC) approved several bills on the last day, including the new security law for Hong Kong. Now the standing committee of the Communist Party has passed this bill and it can become law by August.