Former DOJ attorneys accuse Barr of assisting Trump in undermining election2 min read

BY: Shilvin Marandi

On Thursday, former Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys expressed their concern over Attorney General William Barr’s intentions to use the DOJ’s immense law enforcement powers to assist  President Donald Trump to win reelection.

An open letter, signed by about 1,600 former Justice Department attorneys, accuses Attorney General Barr intends to sabotage the most fundamental democratic value: free and fair elections, citing statements Barr had made about mail-in ballots and also the politically fraught inquiry into the Russia investigation.

Asa lot of states have supportedvoting by mail because the coronavirus pandemic, Barr has backed up the president’s “out-of-control” fraud on mail-in ballots.

Last week, after nine discarded mail-in ballots were reportedly recovered from a county elections office in northeast Pennsylvania, an investigation was announced by the Justice Department. Seven out of nine ballots had been cast for the president, who has repeatedly claimed, without evidence, fraud involving mail-in ballots.

The open letter said, the announcement concerning fraud the president has claimed was “premature and improper” and gave the White House and the Trump campaign a reason to discredit mail-in ballots.

No coordinated efforts to manipulate mail-in balloting was seen by Intelligence officials. FBI Director Chris Wray also told a Senate panel that the bureau has “not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud in a major election, whether it’s by mail or otherwise.

The letter further accuses Barr of discarding the Russia investigation, using Justice Department DOJ, which could have caused problem and led to the indictment of half many former associates and campaign aides.

A federal prosecutor to investigate the origins of the probe was tapped by Barr.

A former Justice Department DOJ lawyer was accused of criminal charges during the investigation by Connecticut federal prosecutor John Durham, who pleaded guilty to falsifying an email investigators used to justify continued surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The open letter said, there is no justification in releasing findings before the election.

While telling Fox News, the Attorney General publicly defamed the Russia investigation, said it launched without basis to “sabotage the presidency.” No evidence to prove Barr’s assertion was given.

The Justice Department’s inspector general has found that the FBI had a legitimate basis to open an investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign within the summer of 2016. Special counsel Robert Mueller took over the probe in 2017. The Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee, that launched its own Russia investigation has reaffirmed findings by Mueller’s team that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential race and that members of the Trump campaign were wanting to take benefit of that effort.

Patrick Cotter, a former federal prosecutor and one among the letter’s signatories, aforesaid Barr’s actions are “very serious breaches” of the Justice Department’s DOJ traditional role as a non-political institution.

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