Sumitra Mahajan: A Popular Misquote Attributed To MarkTwain States3 min read

 BY- Braj Kishore Mishra 

 On Friday, 23 April 2021, Sumitra Mahajan, a veteran BJP leader has to verify that she is alive with all her nerves. Her ‘response’ came after Indian National Congress leader Shashi Tharoor and some media outlets on Thursday night announced the demise of Sumitra Mahajan. Tharoor and others deleted the tweets after BJP senior leader pointed out that she was hale and hearty. Sumitra Mahajan is considered one of the most civilized and dignified leaders in the country. She has a good record of operating the functioning of the Lower House. Sumitra Mahajan was the Lok Sabha Speaker from 2014 to 2019. She earlier represented the Indore Lok Sabha constituency in Parliament for eight terms. Further Sumitra Mahajan added “What should I do? These people carried the news without any confirmation from my side. They should have at least confirmed and cross-check it with the district administration in Indore” in an audio clip. Mahajan also wondered why some of the Mumbai-based news channels, in particular, flashed the fake news of her demise. She told that “This became all India news and all my relatives began to start a panic and wanted to confirm this from my side. 

After deleting the tweet, Tharoor had said he made sure that Sumitra Mahajan is fine with her good health and heart and said he relied on a “reliable source” in putting out his tweet. “The Central government and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla should take cognizance of this matter,” the BJP veteran says in the clip. The former Lok Sabha speaker’s son Mandar through a video clip Thursday night said that his mother is perfectly healthy and fine and urged people not to believe the false news about her. He further added that her COVID report is negative and he met her only in the evening and she is fine and healthy. 

After all this incident it is the need of the hour to introspect whether we are going in the right approach when it comes to the operation of social media or online messenger platforms. Can we imagine a situation where we came to know that someone who is beloved for us is no more through a tweet or some other sources? What thoughts and disguise this can bring to a family? So it must be overhauled either by some reforms or any other means. In this Sumitra Mahajan was a former Lok Sabha Speaker, things get corrected in a very small span of time but India as a country, in its rural domain has a history of making a healthy and living person dead. But one thing that also needs to discover here is that these all matter wind up in a very short span of time which is in fact a good practice because it is not a civilized activity to discuss fake news of the demise of such a notable person. 

 This is not the first time anything like this has been happening, looking in past years we can find many such cases where a person is declared dead without knowing the actual details and the realities. In current times, we can find multiple online shows and dramas that are reflections of this illusion. As far as these incidents are concerned, they not only undermine the living dignity of the person but also affect the social principles of that person. One should always cross-check and verify while reacting to such serious issues because sometimes it amounts to a very horrible and complex situation of misunderstanding. 

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