Rhea Chakraborty moves To Supreme Court Over “Unfair Media Trial”2 min read

By- Mibin

Bollywood Actress Rhea Chakraborty Moved to the Supreme Court Alleging the Media of unfair trials and making her the sole responsible behind the death of the Actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

She also questioned the authority of the Bihar police to investigate the case and requested that the case be moved to the Supreme Court. This comes as a move to solidify the election gains for next year’s Bihar elections.

The media, according to her, has pronounced her a criminal even before she was proven guilty through their trials and bringing of witnesses which has destroyed her privacy.

She said that “ Extreme trauma and infringement of privacy of the rights of the petitioner is caused due to constant sensationalization of this case. Media had convicted accused in 2G and Talwar case in a similar fashion where every accused was later on found innocent by the Courts,”

This comes in line with the investigation of the Enforcement Directorate into the Money Laundering case which involved Rhea, her Father, Brother and also several others.

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She along with her father and brother was also questioned yesterday in connection with the Money Laundering case. She and her relatives arrived at 11 am at the Central Probe Agency office for questioning.

Rajput’s father also filed a complaint against Rhea last month in the Patna Police station. The complaint included Rhea’s parents, her brother, Rajputs Manager Samuel Miranda, Shruti Modi and several others. The complaint alleged these people of cheating and his son’s suicide.

The investigation of this complaint is still going on and Rhea is also questioning this investigation as this complaint was filled by Patna police for election gains.

She in her previous affidavit alleged the media of being biased and in destroying the private and peaceful life of Rhea and also her family. The affidavit also alleged media of doing the work of the judiciary and claiming her as the reason of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

The Central Bureau of Investigation has re-registered the case and the same people were named as the accused.