By- Sindhu

Russian Historian, Yury Dmitriyev, was jailed over a controversial sexual abuse. Yury was known for his lifetime work unearthing the crimes of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.
Yury Dimitrive got convicted for about three and half years alleging sexual crimes afflicted over his fostered daughter. Yuri completely denies this accusation. Also, his colleagues claimed that he was framed and this plot was directed to discredit his work on Stalin’s crimes.
Dmitriyev unearthed various execution sites of the events of the Great Terror in 1930 considered to be the crimes of Joseph Stalin.
Though he was imprisoned for three years he is likely to be realized later this September by deducting the prison terms of detentions. His supporters were pleased by the shorter term of imprisonment as against the prosecution’s request for the imprisonment of up to 15 years. the shorter period in Russia’s political system for a sexual crime implies so well as a not guilty verdict claims his followers.
Police first detained Dimitriyev in the year 2016 and accused him of possessing contents of “ child pornography”. They arrested him by an anonymous tip-off and searched his flat and said that they have found images of his foster daughter naked on his computer. They further charged him with non-violent sexual abuse on minor and illegal possession of the parts of firearms.
Dmitriyev denied all the accusations and said that the photos of his daughter were kept as a document monitoring child growth problems. In the year 2018, he was cleared of all his charges except for the possession of firearms. But the regional supreme court altered the verdict two months later based upon an interview by an investigator with Dmitriyev’s then 12-year-old daughter. Later again he was acquitted.
The case returned to the court with a new charge of sexual assault crime describing the inappropriate touching.
The linguistic experts who were called in as witnesses cited that the investigators have put pressure upon the Dmitriyev’s daughter and repeatedly question an incident that happened years before.
On July 22, 2020, Defence lawyer, Victor Anufriyev told the reporters that Judge have found Dimitriyev’s guilty of sexual assault but he was relieved of all the other charges.
Earlier in May, 150 Russians including artists, actors, and writers openly wrote to the court in support of the Historian that they were “sure the accusations… are unfair and should be dismissed by the court”. This was the second time where he stood trial before the court. All his family members and many of his supporters claim that the accusations were completely false.
All these accusations surmount a huge amount of suspicion over the case blackening the image of a historian who has worked to unearth the mass graves of thousands of people executed in remote, northern Russia – during Josef Stalin’s political repressions in the 1930s.
Most of the powerful people in Russia do not prefer these uncomfortable historical pieces of evidence being unearthed. Many say that there is no doubt that the Historian Dimitriyev is innocent. He is to be out of prison later in September this year.

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