“Will Focus on Dealing with Pandemic Here Than Delve into Conspiracy Theories’: SC”1 min read


The Supreme Court bench which consisted of Justice D.Y Chandarchud, Justice Vikram Nath, and Justice Hima Kholi responded to a petition filed by an NGO which goes by the name, Abhinav Bharat Congress. The president of this NGO Pankaj K Phadnis approached the government to constitute an international task force embodied with international experts from China, the USA, and other countries. The main order of the international task force would be to find the scientific reasons and answers behind the Delta variant’s origin and its responsibility for the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Supreme Court on September 6, 2021, passed a decree which stated that there are many articles and works of literature on the origin of Delta variant and COVID-19. The Country should rather focus on the dealing and sustaining of the pandemic rather than delve into conspiracies that have not been logically or technical backing.

Phandnis who was the president of the NGO stated that the origin of the delta virus of COVID-19 is still a mystery and experts have said that it has originated here in Amravati, Maharashtra whereas there are several other experts which claim the opposite.

The president said that from April to June 2021, too many  Indians have been affected while credible reports put this number higher by a factor many have lost their lives due to COVID-19.

“We know there are a lot of articles and literature in the open with regard to the Delta variant of COVID-19 but we would like to focus on dealing with the pandemic here rather than devolve into conspiracy theories,” stated the Apex court’s bench.

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