Will You Commit Murder if Senior Directs So? Madras HC Asks Police Officer2 min read


On 20th October the Madras High Court has pondered whether, on instructions from their superiors, a police officer would commit a murder. They added that only God could save the police department, Justice P Velmurugan has asserted that in criminal revision petition from D Kannan, was suspended as SP of Villupuram district and also to remove the charges of sexual harassment in the case which came up on Wednesday.
As per the officials in this case the DGP who was second accused was suspended for committing sexual harassment against a woman of the subordinate IPS officer. The judge has further stated that “it is a shame that the women in the police department are not treated with the dignity they deserve.”
On 22nd February, when the woman SP who was a victim in the case wanted to file the complaint against her Superior with the state police chief but Kannan has blocked the car from reaching Chennai and prevented her from filing it.
On Wednesday when the petition Kannan’s counsel has presented before the court that his client has followed the instructions of his superior. According to him, disobeying orders from superior officers would constitute insubordination.
At this point, Justice Velmurugan inquired if Kannan would commit murder if he had been instructed to do so, he replied that only lawful orders can be carried out.
As a result of such allegations against senior officers, the public will lose faith in the police department, judge says that such incidents are a disgrace on the department as only 10 percent of police officers behave according to conscience.
Sensing that the judge is likely to dismiss the petition, the counsel sought the court’s permission to withdraw the plea. The judge dismissed it as withdrawn.

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