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Indian Forum for Public Diplomacy (IFPD) and Citizens for Public Leadership (CPL) is organising a Webinar on Foreign Policy.

About the Indian Forum for Public Diplomacy (IFPD)

Indian Forum for Public Diplomacy (IFPD) is a youth run forum by students from all over India with the aim of aiding foreign policy thinking through young academia. In an era in which Foreign Policy has to be rooted in the landscape of people, diplomacy is no more just a government to government engagement.

About the Citizens for Public Leadership (CPL)

CPL came into existence when a group of public policy students from leading universities decided to actively contribute towards nation building while pursuing their studies in the United States. CPL is an independent and nonpartisan movement focused on advocating for progressive public policy in India.

About the Event

The unprecedented crisis of the COVID – 19 pandemic has brought several changes in the dynamics of how nations engage with each other. As nations stumble into the third decade of the century amidst much uncertainty, projecting a world view in the near future has been one of the key challenges in Foreign Policy.

For India, making strategic choices, anticipating behaviours of the players, prioritising interests and communicating these interests effectively, requires not only a comprehensive and analytical understanding of the changing world, but

Also an understanding of the implications of such changes to the Indian Foreign policy, for making sound decisions and choices. It is pivotal in an uncertain world to anticipate how much a shift in the world’s thinking would transform and affect our decisions.

To understand such dynamics and anticipate the days to come, Indian Forum for Public Diplomacy (IFPD) initiates a webinar on “Learnings from 2020 – Changing International Dynamics and implications for India” by inviting Mr. Prateek Kanwal, the founder of Citizens for Public Leadership (CPL) as a part of its endeavours to develop dialogue and discourse in Foreign Policy.

The theme of the Webinar: Learnings from 2020: Changing International Dynamics and implications for India

Guest Speaker:

Mr. Prateek Kanwal,

Founder, Citizens for Public Leadership (CPL)

About the Speaker

Mr. Prateek Kanwal is the founder of Citizens for Public Leadership (CPL). He is a World Bank Scholar and a Masters in Public Policy (MPP) from the Harvard Kennedy School of United States. From over a decade he has worked across various government and private sector nationally and internationally and has endeavoured in execution of some critical policies in education sector.

He is currently also the head of Strategic Partnerships at Educate Girls an NGO that aims at tackling issues of gender inequality in India’s education. Mr. Prateek has also worked with the planning commission on the Aadhar (UIDAI) Project where he published a working paper on linking Aadhar to student scholarships which was translated to an active policy. He is currently setting up a state of art policy school, the Kautilya School of Public Policy in Hyderabad.

Date of the Event:

25th November 2020

Time: 6:00 PM to 7: 00 PM IST

Register by 23rd November 2020

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Contact Information:

Any queries can be addressed to: ifpdindia[at]gmail.com


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