National Webinar on Cyber-crime against Women: Precautions and Strategies on the eve of International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women2 min read

25-November-2020 (12:00-02:00 PM)

Organized by

Centre for Human Rights and Subaltern Studies

National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi

In collaboration with

National Commission for Women, New Delhi


The National Commission for Women (NCW) is the statutory body of the Government of India, generally concerned with advising the government on all policy matters affecting women. It was established in 31 January 1992 under the Provisions of the Indian Constitution, as defined in the 1990 National Commission for Women Act. The objective of the NCW is to represent the rights of women in India and to provide a voice for their issues and concerns. The subjects of their campaigns have included dowry, politics, religion, equal representation for women in jobs, and the exploitation of Women for labour. They have also discussed police abuses against women.


Centre for Human Rights and Subaltern Studies (CHRSS) of NUSRL, Ranchi was created with an objective to work on Protection of Human Rights. The idea of Human Rights maintains that there are certain rights universal, Inherent and Inalienable in nature. Universality believes that these rights are given to all. Inalienability ensures that it can never be compromised except by the procedure established by law. These rights are also of inherent nature and are the backbone of any Human Rights Treaty. The aim of the Centre is to achieve the goals of Social Justice enshrined in our Preamble and to achieve this goal, the members of the committee promises to engage in discourse, debate, seminar & Legal Aid.


The Webinar is being organized on the eve of ‘International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women’ by Centre For Human Rights and Subaltern Studies (NUSRL, Ranchi) in collaboration with National Commission for Women, New Delhi. The title of the Webinar is ‘Cyber Crime against Women: Precautions and Strategies.’ The objective of this webinar is to address Gender-based violence and its multi-dimensional social expressions and implications and to suggest the necessary policy guidelines and frameworks around Internet governance for industry and service providers.


Prof. (Dr) Kesava Rao Vurrakula

Vice-Chancellor, National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi.

 Faculty Convener:

Dr. Subir Kumar

Organizing Secretary:

Dr. Gunjan

Webinar Coordinator:

Ms. Soni Bhola

Student Convener:

Mr. Kaushik Yashraj

Registration link-

Last Date of Registration is 23-November-2020.


Certificates will be provided to only those participants who have registered latest by 23rd November 2020. The link for the webinar will be shared in the respective email IDs of the Participants, one day prior to the webinar.


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