Webinar on Cannabis and The Indian Constitution by The Critegal [March 13, 3-4 PM]: Register Now!1 min read

About The Critegal

The Critegal strives to render comprehensive information on numerous matters, covering those aspects of the socio-legal world that they believe people and society at large should interact with more. Not only is they a great resource that offers possibilities for individuals to engage with one other, but they also assist our readers in developing a more immeasurable understanding and awareness about the intricacies of the global socio-legal system.

About the Webinar

Will India reach a new high by legalising Cannabis?

Currently, cannabis and its derivatives are banned in India. What’s confusing is, while on global levels, India has proudly voted in favour of classifying cannabis as a less dangerous drug, within the country, minor offenders are detained for possessing small quantities of the same.

However, it may be on its way to finally being reclassified.

Join them in conversation with Mr. Khagesh Gautam where they will be talking about both ends of the legalising of the cannabis spectrum.

Webinar Details

The registration is free of cost.

Date: March 13th, 2021

Time: 3 PM to 4 PM

Kindly refer Legal Sarcasm as source of information.

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